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 "Does the ATM MHO/SHEEN BET Work?"

Because of doing what I speak of here, during 2003's winter, I was able to place 204 pounds of cement on my shoulders and with no other physical support than my 51 years used, 6' 1" tall, 178 pound physical body, walk a distance of 994 yards, more up hill than down hill, without resting the so described load on anything, before setting it back down on the ground.

Getting a physical body working the best that it can is what much of is about. Yes, applying the information works very well! Via working at my SHEEN (Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise and Nutrition) Modality (what one does with their physical body to get better) I was able to stabilize the beneficial effects of my MHO (Minerals Held Orally) Treatment (what one does to their physical
body to get better) and that is the Bio Electric Technology (BET) that has benefited me greatly.

The ATM-MHO/SHEEN BET helped me:

  • Terminate my body's Parkinson's symptoms.

  • Fill in the cavities in my teeth and make my teeth fit tightly back into my jawbone once again.

  • By using what I had learned about 'Education' from studying L. Ron Hubbard's work, I learned about muscular/skeletal/nervous system mechanics and applying that information, I was able to terminate the sciatica that I had been experiencing in my leg and hip.

  • I can work out problems with my mind well again, because of the increased bioelectric activity now occurring in my brain, because of offering it a higher amount of ions, I surmise.

  • I don't crave substances that aren't what would be considered to be good nutrition for a body any more, or quantities of food that are larger than a body needs to ingest for it to work well.

  • I feel stronger and I have more endurance than I have ever had before I started making my own personal ATM-MHO/SHEEN BET.

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