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What is this?

This is how, without too much ado, "Bioelectric Health" can be imagined as translating into the Greek alphabet.

ElectrophysicalHealth.org links to the same exact information as BioelectricHealth.org.

Why translate these two terms into Greek?

People tend to feel easier about doing something that is done by people that they have some respect for.

People, in general, tend to respect educated people.

Many people are educated at Colleges and Universities.

Fraternities and Sororities are groups of people that study, or have studied at Colleges and Universities. 

Fraternities and Sororities use Greek letters to denote their particular groups names.

Albeit, there are no groups that are particularly devoted to the understanding of the factors of bioelectric/electro-physical health better to my knowledge, expressly, at this time, it would be conducive to that possibility to suggest names and formats for such groups. That action is accomplished here at this page.

Distinguishing a difference about the same exact phenomenon is made here to acknowledge the complementary nature of the human sexes.

The determination of one's health should be egalitarianly (equally) decided. Ergo, the information that is being made available at this Web site is carried on the idea that a sibling is delivering it rather than a parent or an filial (son or daughter) entity. The transmission is supposed to come straight across rather than down from above, or up from below.

The two Greek spellings could be viewed as a round table ( a group where all members enjoy equal status) type Fraternal and Sororital group.

When people discover an activity that helps them, they generally get together to figure out how to best proceed. If any groups were coalescing over the phenomenon of Bioelectric Health, these seem like two names that that would work well.

If they ever actually do, I hope that the people that joined either of these groups would work to help their selves and each other to obtain better health without hurting others in their attempts to acquire that health, or because of it. By saying because of it, I mean that I hope that the possible members of groups such as these do not hurt others via their use of any greater abilities that they acquire via their use of the information about bioelectric health.   


The meaning of the Oriental term Chi (pronounced: chE), to my knowledge, seems to be the closest way to describe what living electricity is. That is the reason for the use of the Greek term Chi (pronounced: chI) to represent the so Orientally labeled phenomenon.

The Greek letter Chi (pronounced: chI) , to my knowledge, has no other actual connection to the meaning of the Oriental concept of Chi (pronounced: chE) other than that the two terms are spelled the same way in English. I would say that the reason for the connection between languages should not be taken to be any more significant than the way that the terms that represent: the high velocity movement of an air mass and the term that represents: the action that one does to a spring driven device to make it continue to perform the repetitive function that it is designed to relate to one another. Both of these terms are spelled w-i-n-d, but their individual pronunciations and meanings are totally different from one another, unless an artistic connection were attempted, such as a spring loaded fan.

Spelling is the only link between the terms that are spelled out in English as Chi. However, via its use in Greek, the concept can be concentrated into one letter, that being: O (Chi)

The "O" is also an interesting representation of the concept, in that one of the legs could be viewed as being Gravitation and the other leg Radiation, with electricity being the point at which the first two phenomenons intersect.


I've selected the term Lambda to represent physical (biological) phenomena regarding life animated entities in an effort to align the ideas that concern bioelectric/electrophysical health regarding the improvement of the physical condition of physical bodies via certain physical activities with the term that the Author of Dianetics and Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, has used to represent phenomena regarding biological/physical organisms (L. Ron Hubbard's term), which is that term... Lambda. A definition for the term Lambda, as used by L. Ron Hubbard is contained in the "Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary1."

The term Lambda is also regularly used in the sciences to to represent the the phenomenon known as wavelength.

By the use of the term Lambda, I am attempting to say that the the information that it represents is biological, physical in nature, as opposed to being religious, spiritual, incorporeal, psychological, or/and ethereal.

By the use of the term Lambda, I am attempting to say that I feel that there should be no conflict between the efforts of individuals that help other people with those people's thoughts, ideas, or/and plans and people that help other people with the workings of those people's physical bodies.

By the use of the term Lambda, I am attempting to say that I feel that the use of the information posted at this Web site helps people with the condition of their physical bodies, primarily and should not be construed as a religious, spiritual, or psychological endeavor, IMHO. Either being a member of the groups 7-O-I, or/and O-7-I, or not being a member of either of them is, to me, not a religious, spiritual, psychological, or ethereal action primarily.

People would become members of either of these two possible groups, 7-O-I, or/and O-7-I, I feel to be more primarily focused on the state of biophysical phenomena with a will to improve that via bioelectric/electrop-hysical means, rather than become members of these groups to specifically focus their efforts on religious, spiritual, psychological, ethereal phenomena thereby. I don't feel that religious phenomena doesn't have a relationship with health, but usually a person would not think that their religious superior would help them if they didn't make an effort to improve themselves.

7-O-I, or/and O-7-I should be independent, but should not deny anyone access to bioelectric/electro-physical health information or materials. 

By use of the term Lambda, I am attempting to say that the information posted here is biotech, a sciencethat which a person might be able to control themselvesand not a religion, or religious activity�that which a person agrees to control their actions.

A person's religion might dictate to them whether or not they should use bioelectric/electro-physical health, or phenomena like it, but using, or choosing to not use bioelectric/electro-physical health, or phenomena like it, should in no way deny one the experience of their personally selected religious devotion, IMHO. 


I acknowledge that the Greek letter Tau is merely similar in English spelling to the root term of  the Oriental philosophy, Taoism, that being T-a-o. Tao is the philosophy of Lao-tzu as it is written in his book, "The Tao Te2 Ching." 

The connection between the two terms is a superficial one, true. Still, the quest for good health, if accomplished, devoid of the harm of another, or others, could be considered to be, in the least, a somewhat useful activity, and to that extent, at least not an un-virtuous one.

Appendix (footnotes)

1 "Dianetics & Scientology Technical Dictionary" Bridge Pubs, LA, 1981.

2  Te = virtue

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