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The Money "Tetram"

"Tetram" derives from the term, "Tetrachotometrics," or the more syncoped (phonetically paired down) version of the term, "Tetrametrics," or the even more sycoped version of the term, "Tetramics." Tetram is a quadra [four (4)] valued logic structure.

An example of tetramic logic would be where each of the conceptual components of the causal dichotomy, "Right vs. Wrong," is compared to each of the conceptual components of the effectual dichotomy, "Good vs. Bad," such that: the relationships between: Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, Right and Good, Right and Bad, Wrong and Good and Wrong and Bad, were also made available for inspection and incorporate-able into all of the possible considerations of the relationships of the four primary components involved, those being Right, Wrong, Good and Bad.

Why call the process, "Tetramics?" Because if you orient the four conceptual components of a tetram to form a tetrahedron―a four (4) sided box whose totality is constructed with four (4) triangles, alone (a three cornered pyramid), you will see that there are six (6) connections (lines) between them, not just four (4).

The four components of, "The Money Tetram," are:

  • Quality:The impression that a phenomenon makes; the effect that a phenomenon has; it could be viewed as an intensity,

  • Quantity: A numeric amount,

  • Value: Quality multiplied by Quantity, and

  • Currency: That which is the representation of Value. 

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If you form a tetrahedron by using the concepts of, Quality, Quantity, Value and Currency to form its vertices (corners), and mull all of the relationships between those components around in your mind for a while, you might come to a realization regarding what you could work on to improve your own relationship to this tricky little tetramMoney.

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