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Originally Published by at least 2006 MAR 06

A Correlation Between Economics & Electronics

Why did the tech school graduate walk all the way back down the stairs after taking the elevator to their job interview on the 21'st floor? Because no one told them where the building's decendor was. They just told them to "Take the Elevator."

Econotronics/Electronomics is the way that phenomena regarding the subject of Economics correlates with phenomena regarding the subject of electronics. The purpose of the correlation is to improve comprehension between, technology and business.

Possibly that incident never really happened. The anecdote was introduced to demonstrate that larger, less solvable problems can emanate from smaller ones, which are more resolvable (tractable) and should be remedied, in order to prevent the larger problems from materializing. What follows is an attempt to accomplish that. This is the beginning of a technologist's attempt to relate electricity to economists and correlate economics terminology for electronics technicians.  

The primary electronomic/econotronic unit is the, "econotron/electronom," here defined as: the primary unit of a monetary (electronomic/econotronic) system. E.G. the Dollar, Franc, Peso, Pound, Yen, etc.

The econotron/electronom in econotronics/electronomicswords describing an electronic analogy to the subject of economybehaves as the electron does in the subject of electronics, which is used to mediate the transactions between energy and matter, which translates, in the economy, to production and consumption.

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Please look at the following table as a hyper textual presentation*. The following chart has been installed to avoid putting HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer operators to sleep by hiding the terms that they might not have ever completely uploaded (assimilated; understood; comprehended; learned) in long strings of data, because blocking data from them leads to others doing better via their efforts than that those HOST computer operators studying the subject, their selves. The way to hyper textually assimilate data* is to define, on a stand alone basis, as many terms involved as one can, as well as one can.

Economics / Electronics / Econotronics/Electronomics Term Correlation Chart

Economics Term for the phenomena Involved Electronics
Term for the Phenomena Involved
Econotronics/Electronomics Term for the Phenomena Involved
A business entity (I.E. one person) Resistor Existor
Activity requiring economic support Resistance Existance
Production Generation Work
Demand Voltage Pull
Volume Amperage Flow
Basic Economic Unit (E.G. the dollar) Electron Econotron
Bank account Capacitor Collectistor (Collector)
Collecting money Capacitance Collectance (collectings)
a Wallet Inductor Spenductor (spender)
Spending money Inductance Spendance (spendings)
A pocket/pocket, wallet/wallet, a wallet/cash register, or any other combination thereof where it is intended that these items are involved in a monetary transaction. Transformer Transactioner
One standard old time marriage Diode Buyode

Two people fused together as a single unit from which money [econotron/electronom (the singular=plural forms of the term)] exits one way only, no matter which circuit path it approaches the unit from.

Some of the terms in the Economotronics column are new words (neologisms). However, the neologisms are simplifications. They make the ideation involved easier to understand than previous terms (nomenclature).   

* Hyper Textual Presentation (teaching) and Assimilation (learning) is about material presented in a form that is meant to minimize the need for time consuming linear word scanning (reading), while maximizing HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer uploading (learning). Both HOST uploading modes (Linear Word Scanning and Hyper Textual Data Assimilation) require word comprehension to better know what the subject is about. Hyper Text Data Presentation and Assimilation requires less HOST resources (I.E. teaching and study efforts), though. Some Hypertext Data Assimilation Theory proceeds thus: If you define as many of a subject's terms for yourself, each on a stand alone basis, so that you know each of them as well as you can, you will know enough of that subject to act at least as a novice in it. Via this means you can then determine whether that subject interests you enough to pursue it more deeply, or leave off at using the material you've learned (assimilated; uploaded to your HOST) that far to get you to what you are more truly interested in, a more meaningful course of endeavor in your opinion, for instance.


I'm an existor in the electronomy,
So I charge my collectistor as high as it can be,
And use my spenductor efficiently,
Cause I'm an existor in the electronomy.

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