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 The Positioning of a Hypothetical Metaphoric Superstructure Supporting Four Distinct Hierarchies by which Power is Conducted Between Individuals Around Earth

A Technical Description: Centrally Locate Earth within four points, such that all of those points form the apexes (corners) of a regular tetrahedron (a totally triangular box), such that each of those so designed corners (points) are equidistant from center of the planet. Four (4) is the minimum number of points (locations) that are required to contain any other point ('point' here meaning: a location in a medium) in the volume ('volume' here meaning: a region of a 'medium,' which is here meant to be a: three dimensional region, as defined in the 'Cartesian' system of geometry) bordered by the areas (area here meaning: the region of a 'plane,' which is here meant to be: a surface that splits the medium that contains it into two parts) of the parts of the planes that are contained within the lines of sight between each of the four equidistant points�the corners of the so formed tetrahedron. The entire location we know as 'Earth' would be contained in the volume defined by those four points, provided the four surrounding points are located high enough above the surface to share uninterrupted lines of sight with the opposing lines of sight of each other.

What this is about is putting to rest the question of world government.

The question is, "Why are you going to prevent a government from forming that cannot be dispensed with?" It's been here as long as, "Here," has existed in some virtual/quasi-phantom state or another forever. It is here. Recognized and acknowledged, or not, it influences every particle's motion within its range.  

The term, �Te-tra-he-ter-O-mo-do-cra-cy: Tetra= Four (Greek) + Hetero= different, other (Greek) + Modo= route (Latin) + Cracy= government, rule, strength, power (Greek),� is meant to label the above picture and described physical arrangement.

The term, "Tetraheteromodocracy," has been designed to be used to convey the idea of the existence of a relationship between the four (4) de facto hierarchies used to guide the action that takes place at Earth in this example. Actually though, some form of tetrahetromodocratic influence might be thought of as exerting some form of influence over all of life's many forms' activities, whether located here at Earth, or anywhere else in the universe. Earth is the example that is being used to display what it is, in this example, due to the possibility of its familiarity.

Each of the four points that you located around Earth in this page's primary paragraph could be thought of as representing a locations where one of the four factions of the tetraheteromodocracy might be figuratively located; those factions being the:

A) Theocracy (the government of the control of the incorporeal/psychic/spiritual.),
B) Technocracy (The government of the control of the corporeal/physical/material),
C) Sociocracy (the government of people, as peers, guiding each others actions) and
D) Plutocracy (the government of the control of money�the product of the attempt to quantify qualities).

The "figurative" model is meant to show the relationship of the amount of effect that each of the four hierarchies has on the outcome of the activities that occur, in this case, at Earth.

We have herd the Tetraheteromodocracy referred to as, "The Powers that Be." That is the topic that is being discussed on this page--the Powers that Be--something that life forms all, of necessity are forced to deal with. What heretofore has been labeled, "The Powers that Be," would, more accurately, be represented by the term, "Tetraheteromodocracy."

Looking at, "The University," is the best way to view the tetraheteromodocracy at work. At University, some of the knowledge controlled by each of the four hierarchies of the tetraheteromodocracy is delivered through its colleges of: A) Religion B) Humanities C) Math, Science & Engineering�Technology�and D) Business & Economics.

There are four modes or routes that the power of governance is conveyed to all sentient individuals. Each person (sentient individual) interacts with each of the different modes of that conveyance of control in differing degrees, but on the average, the four different modes of the conveyance of governance have tantamount power ratings with respect to each other to influence action.

What is the purpose of presenting this idea? To get the idea across that there are four (4) ways to look when one is trying to figure out why what is happening to one is occurring. Take, for example, if you are sick and there seems to be no cure. Would that be the president�s fault, say? I would say, �Yes and No,� because he influences what can occur as an acknowledged leader of a group of people, which makes him the leader of a Sociocracy, with you being one of those people, if you are a citizen, that is, but he can�t control which way the investors, the Plutocracy, will invest their money, and he isn�t responsible for getting the information to you that you would need to know to, yourself, receive a cure. The president can help keep you from being killed by people who work with the diseases, but they can only help keep any diseases that people are already in control of from killing you. The president can�t prevent a disease that is not yet controlled by people from killing anyone, unless the people that elected them would want them to try to, which would then only give them one quarter of all of the power of governance that actually exists, because there is also the dictates of the Theocracy, Technocracy and Plutocracy to contend with to effect the resolution of any issue. The president has some influence in the total outcome, true, but it is only enough to control a majority of 25%�over 12.5%�of the total power available to control it, not omnipotently effect the outcome. 

Do I think that all disease can be cured? If the Theo-, Socio-, Techno- and Pluto- cracies all decide that that is what is supposed to happen, then that is what would happen, but then again what is good for one type of, "Crat," is not necessarily good for another. The more that you that you are unable to do a job yourself, the more you are at the mercy of the tetraheteromodocracy, which, as previously stated, in its totality is one quarter: Theo-, Socio-, Techno-, and Pluto-cracy.

In case you haven't experienced a cure happening on its own naturally, and haven't been able to cure yourself, you might seek outside help to attempt to correct the malfunction in your biophysical component (physical body). I've found, in the case of you seeking outside assistance, my odds of surviving a life threatening incident got cut in half each time I needed to get someone else to help me out. This may be because, to do so, I was forced to place myself in a dependent relationship. In such a situation you are hoping (betting) that the power that you are subordinating yourself to is beneficial. However, "Power," actually possibly being either beneficial or harmful, could effect you in either of two ways. It could help you... or it could hurt you. That establishes your chances at 50% for and 50% against you having the outcome turn out the way that you want it to. Our relationship with the tetraheteromodocracy is a kind of, "For better, or for worse," situation. Maybe every entity in existence is subject to a, "Half Life," and the more visible portions of the tetraheteromodocracy, as evidenced through its manifestations at University is how sentient life interfaces with that cyber (governing/controling/moderating/monitoring) mechanism. However, I have come to believe that to indiscriminately subordinate yourself to the will of an external power source is not the most intelligent act one can perform, because power requires fuel and that fuel has to come from somewhere and if you are right there, there exists the possibility that that fuel may be derived from you.   

The purpose of this page has been to get you to look at some of the aspects of the whole governing body that may be effecting your life and not merely be sold on the idea that the whole government that is controling your actions to one extent, or another is sitting in Washington, or the capital of any other area surrounded by the boundaries that inscribe your own particular geopolitical region, because, the government of, for and by the people�the sociocracy�is but a quarter of what people are required to interact with in order to make out okay through the interplay of action between their selves and the entirety of the tetraheteromodocracy.

"Tetraheteromodocracy," isn't a movement. It is an observation of what seems to exist. It is an idea that struck me by applying the information that I acquired from L. Ron Hubbard's works about, "The Dynamics," to what I have come to experience via living in America for the past 52 plus years and discovering how to re-charge my own bioelectric component and telling people about it.

I hope that my interpretations of my observations give you a more accurate way of ascertaining just why what is going on around you is happening the way that it is, so that you can better plot your own course of action involving your interaction in your particular milieu in order to derive a better outcome for yourself and yours.

Last Edited on & at: 2012-03-06 13:13 EUST
2003-2007�Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights somewhat controlled. This material may be copied, or transmitted as long as any source information that is included with it, it meaning any part of the composition of this material that is transmitted or copied for any reason, is retained with with it and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial compensation is sought or derived for such action.