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Viva La RO-tA-ti-On!

Rotation is circular travel about one's own axis, where Revolution is circular travel about an exogenic (being caused by an outside source) axis.

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Rotationaries/Rotationists, as opposed to "Revolutionaries" or "Reactionaries" involve themselves with their own activities more than not and do not involve themselves much in the affairs of others.

Developing and Stabilizing one's own efforts to obtain their version of improvement are the goals of the Rotationary/Rotationist.

A Rotationist is one that is confident that the results of their own work will desirably influence the direction of the cumulative whole of all people's efforts to the degree that they (gestalt singular) work at their own work than they get involved with others. To the degree that they perform their actions on their own, their actions become less visible to other's actions. However the Rotationist's products, which create the mass of their efforts become experienced as desirable effects to others that can experience the cumulative effect of the whole of people's efforts.

A Rotationary is an individual that has figured out how to work among others without overtaxing the available resources, which is a flaw in the effect that Revolutionaries many times produce.

A Rotationary is less liberal (desirous of change; working toward change) than a Revolutionary, because a Revolutionary tends to disregard the expense column of their improvement program/s.

Rotation doesn't cost the baby, which Revolution charges as compensation to run its bathwater purification program.

A Rotationary is a Liberal that works to obtain the desired alteration most efficiently, meaning that a Rotationary/ist doesn't disrupt other's activities via pursuing their own goals for obtaining redress of wrongs.

All people that want and work toward change are Liberals.

A Rotational is a Liberal that also works to limit an initiation of their alteration process's undesirable effects.

A Rotationist/ary/al works to use what they know in ways that are most harmonious with the cumulative whole's aspirations.

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