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�Physical and Virtual Bioelectric Health .Org Promotional Material�

This is a page of promotional material.

If you have tried the actions that are discussed here and you like the results and would like to reach others in order to have them get helped similarly, then this page is for you.

You can download the files, paste, print and distribute them, or post them on bulletin boards around where you live.  

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"The Answer Mine (TAM)"  2010 DEC 02






T.H.E. New 2009 Baseballegory Team Batting Order Chart

{The Baseballegory [Baseball + Allegory (a symbolic representation)] Legend}

The Baseballegory is the most articulated (intricate) version of the TABLOIDER's CATs, which has been developed to date. Maybe you could use it to help you analyze your own game plan, to help you derive the best one that you can.

In the updated (new) version, the Theocracy was moved to Pitcher and the Executocracy was moved to Catcher. Details posted at the TABLOIDER Art page...




T.H.E. New 2009 Baseballegory Team Batting Order Card


M.A.D.N.E.S.S. C.U.R.E. Card



 Baseballegory [Baseball + Allegory (symbolic representation)] Poster



T.H.E. 33 P.A.D.

The above is a depiction of the field of play that an individual, who is trying to score in the modern milieu, is hitting into. It is better that people know this. You can help them, by downloading, pasting it to a page in a word processing program, printing and posting this diagram around where you live, because that could help people around you track out the action that they are attempting to deal with, thereby helping them to get a better idea of how to develop their action on the field. Thus help stabilize their game. Thus stabilize the action in your vicinity. Thus help you, because the more stable the action is around you, the more you can depend on its particular array of variables in the attributes that it possesses to support your activities. (Top)



I don't know if they will, or they won't, but I took the initiative of asking the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) in an email to use their agents to post these posters up on Community Bulletin Boards around the US to help stabilize mental activity around here. I feel that this physical environment inroad initiative will go far to help attenuate tragic erratic behavior in America. Why the CIA? Because I think that something like this is what they are trying to do.

Thank you for reading this announcement. Thank you again. (Top)




The following is the latest Bioelectrichealth.org business card. If you think that it is a good idea, please download paste, print this .jpg image from a business card application. Then neatly cut the separate cards out of the pages that you've printed and leave them around where people might see them. They might do so and decide to find out what the information is about and use the cards to access the URL easier than trying to remember it, thus increasing the chances that they actually get the information.








Philip using a 4-M (Manual Material Moving Machine) to deliver a bench seat to a friend's house in 2004-2005's winter in Central New York.