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YUCK (Yeast Urine Consumed Knowingly)

Would a beer by any other name taste as sweet? I hope not... BEER (Biologically Excreted, Effervescing Refreshment).

Why do they call it beer? To sell more of it than if they called it what it actually isYUCK (Yeast Urine, Consumed Knowingly)― the primary ingredient of all alcoholic beverages, that being ethyl alcohol. I am not aware of any other way to manufacture potable alcoholic beverages, other than to get yeast to consume various vegetation and excrete ethyl alcohol, the product that is used to synthesize feelings of well being in its users by decreasing (attenuating) the strength of their sensory nerves' signals thus decreasing their awareness level of things going on and happening to them. Why people like to be neurologically influenced by alcohol is because it lowers people's awareness, so they think that whatever they have been computing with their HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer is working more than it actually is. Ergo, they feel more secure about the situation that they are in when they are neurologically under the influence of alcohol, but that is only until their nerves' insulation deteriorates enough to offset the desirable effect. Then they feel as bad as ever, except that their nerves don't work as well as they used to.

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