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Body Voltage Experiment

Possessing an easy, economical way to monitor the condition of the functionality (operability) of a person's bio-electric system--the collection of bio-electric phenomena present in and around a physical body that is used to assist in that body's perpetuation--might help them by affording to them a way to determine the effectiveness of any bio-electrically therapeutic efforts they may be engaged with.

This page is a write up of work involved with the development of an economical technique hypothesized to enable a person to monitor the status of the functionality/operability of their bio-electric system quickly, easily and safely.

The opinions section is the delineation of the experimenter's personal interpretations of the data obtained rather than a list of claims about that data. Another words, I am saying that I believe that what I am saying is what the numbers' correlation with the physical phenomena that I was experiencing means, but this is what is true for me. To find out what is true for you, it is incumbent on you to conduct your own experiments to find out the related information.

I am presenting this page as an example of how someone can go about conducting their own experiments, so that they can form, for themselves, their own information feedback loop to gauge the effects of bio-physical functionality phenomena on the functionality of their bio-electric system along with the effects of any bio-physically therapeutic efforts that they may care to attempt on the functionality of their bio-electric system, so that they can tell what is going on more rapidly and thus inform themselves in a more timely fashion about conditions that would be more advantageous to act further on, than to allow to degrade and possibly precipitate then to undesirable bio-physical phenomena, in order to better avoid that unfortunate outcome, more.  

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Bio-Electric Experiments: Opening BET Body Voltage Charged Air Report

Body Voltage Experiment Page Contents:

  1. Purpose of Experiment
  2. Materials
  3. Procedure
  4. Data
  5. Opinions
  6. Appendix


  1. Purpose of Experiment

    Answer the questions:
    1. Is there a safe, economical, reliable, self administrable way to monitor the state of a living human's physical body's bio-electric condition?
    2. What is that way?
    3. What are the particulars of that way?
    4. How may that way be used to help people monitor, for the purpose of raising the condition of, their bodies' bio-electric functionality/operability?  (Top)
  2. Materials
    1. One standard Volt/Ohm Meter (VOM) (obtainable from an electronics supply outlet)
    2. Two alligator clip tipped connecting leads (also products found in an electronic supply outlet)
    3. A metal disk to function as an electrode (an unpainted food jar lid will do, or just cut the top from a can with a can opener, but be careful of the sharp edge)
    4. A metal eating utensil to function as the other electrode, the requirements are that it conduct electricity well and
    5. Some electrolytic material such as salt or dissolved chelated minerals
    6. One half of a foot of electrical tape
    7. A somewhat live flashlight battery  (Top)
  3. Procedure
    1. Obtain and assemble the materials at one location.
    2. You will probably find that the VOM's test leads are red and black wires that came with the meter. Plug the VOM's test leads in to it. The black one is supposed to be connected to the ground (zero reference) receptacle on the front of the meter. It could say either, "Ground," or "com (for common)." Plug the red test lead into the red receptacle marked, "Volts DC/Volts AC," not the receptacle marked, "Amps."

      I am not going to venture to say exactly what we are determining via this method, precisely, at this time. However, from experimenting with this procedure, I will say that when I put the leads in this way and set all of the the VOMs that I have used for this test to the, "DC Volts," setting via the function dial, I have never failed to obtain some form of information, provided the meter that I was using was in working order.
    3. Test the functionality of your meter by:
      1. Setting the function dial to the Ohms position, turning the meter on and crossing the plugged in test leads (touching the exposed electrodes (tips) to one another). If the meter zeros (registers near zero, or zero) the resistance function is working, provided the meter indication (numeric readout for digital meters and needle deflection for analogue meters) registers a near infinite indication when the the test leads are not connected to one another.
      2. Setting the function dial to the DC Volts position and touching the open electrodes of the test leads to to both ends of your dry cell battery simultaneously. If there is any power in the battery and your meter is working a reading will appear that is not near zero and will remain constant until you disconnect the electrodes.
      3. After use, turn your meter off. There is a battery in it that is used to test resistance with that will discharge if the test leads get crossed during storage.
      4. The Resistance and DC Volt Functions are the only two that you will need for the information that this experiment calls for. If you would like to learn more about how to use a VOM, you can run, "Volt Ohm Meter Use," in the advanced search window of your favorite Web search engine.
    4. Take your two clip leads and attach one end of each to either open electrode of your meter's test leads and fasten those leads in place by wrapping their junctions with about 2 inches of your electrical tape each.
    5. You can do as you would like to on this step, but from playing with the problems involved I have personally best surmounted them by proceeding in the following manor. (Top)

      Test your lid and eating utensil electrodes for conductivity by clipping one alligator clip of to some part of either electrode and with your meter set to the Resistance Function contact the electrode with the other alligator clip. Low resistance (under three ohms) indicates acceptable conductance. Perform the same test with the other electrode.

      Take care to test both sides of your lid, because even though a lid may look metallic on both sides, these days the part that was on the inside of the can that it was attached to may have been treated in some way that renders that surface non-conductive, thus non-functional for this application. If you have selected this type of can lid, you can either change it, sand paper off the inside surface or make sure that you are using the other side of the lid to make contact with in every test that you use it for.

      Any alteration of your testing materials' resistances could induce skews in your readings. This, in itself, will not kill you, but it may cause you to make erroneous interpretations of your then erroneous data, thus possibly render the solutions that you might evoke because of those readings inappropriate and for this latter reason: inadvertently changing your testing materials' resistances should be avoided.
    6. Clip your test leads on to your two electrodes, one test lead on the utensil, one test lead on the lid.
    7. Bare one foot. Get some moist electrolytic material (salt or chelated mineral solution) between the sole of that foot and the can lid and step on the can lid with that bare foot.
    8. Hold the utensil that is now connected to the other test lead via the alligator clip at its end in your mouth.
    9. Set the function dial on the meter to the DC Volts position with the Scale Range selector set either to Mili Volts or Automatic, which changes the scale automatically to the correct one, in this case the Mili Volt scale.
    10. Turn the meter on and wait for the reading to settle down a bit and write down that reading.
    11. There you go. You have just taken a recording of your own physical body's bio-electric voltage.
    12. If you continue to take test readings of your body's voltage under different conditions, for example: when you just get up, or are very tired, you might see trends that enable you to plan what you should do more and do less to make your physical body function as well as possible via learning about its bioelectrics via your Body Voltage Experiments with it.  (Top)

  4. Data

    The following is a chart of the voltage readings that I recorded that came from using the above delineated procedure.

    Date and time go: Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute and a 24 hour, as opposed to a 12 hour, time designation is used.

    The testing has run from 2003's August's 16'th to the present.

    There is quite a while in this time period that I only got one recording--220 mili volts due to the fact that I was so wiped out from some infections that I had contracted that I didn't think very much about any more activity than getting rid of the infections. The one recording told me all of the information that I could use, which seemed to be that if I worked at increasing my body's voltage, I would be working towards improving my physical body's functionality.  (Top)

    A Human Physical Body's Voltage Under Various Conditions


    Date & Time

    Conditions Pertinent to Reading

    Voltage in
    Mili Volts

    Other Pertinent Data

    1 03-08-16, 00:38 Pre-sleep, well fed, well rested, Ion Box1 ten feet away 285  
    2 03-08-16, 07:54 Wake up, well rested, not hungry 300  
    3 03-08-16, 09:48 After western omelet 275  
    4 03-08-16, 12:00 Before lunch, after rest 275  
    5 03-08-16, 17:00 After a five mile hike 240  
    6 03-08-17, 06:45 Just got up, no breakfast 260  
    7 03-08-17, 09:08 After breakfast 268  
    8 03-08-17, 18:00 After a meal of spinach, oil and vinegar 295  
    9 03-08-18, 08:00 Before eating, with knife electrode2 325  
    10 03-08-19, 07:00 Before breakfast, with knife 325  
    11 03-08-21, 16:30 With knife, after rest 500  
    12 03-08-29, 09:30 With knife, after rest and breakfast 502  
    13 03-08-29, 11:30 After exercise 450  
    14 03-08-05, 09:15 After breakfast 400  
    15 03-08-27, 23:00 No supper but rested, typing 400  
    16 03-08-27, 07:30 Before breakfast 410  
    17 03-08-26, 20:45 Typed all day, salad for supper 410  
    18 03-08-28, 22:30 Workout and 14 mile bicycle ride 437  
    19 03-08-29, 08:30 Breakfasted and well rested 515  
    20 03-09-04, 10:30 After breakfast and computing 450  
    21 03-09-06, 08:41 After breakfast 500  
    22 03-09-11, 20:40 After supper and exercise 300  
    23 03-09-13, 08:31 After breakfast 380  
    24 03-09-13, 08:33 After breakfast 380  
    25 03-09-13, 11:30 After working out 475  
    26 03-09-16, 13:30 After eating, half way through workout 460  
    27 03-09-16, 14:15 After workout 570  
    28 03-09-16, 14:30 After shower 525  
    29 03-09-18, 14:18 After doing Utah Minerals3 for three days, after lunch 515  
    30 03-09-18, 15:51 After workout 520  
    31 03-09-18, 16:20 After shower 497  
    32 03-09-18, 21:27 Getting up after sleeping, because I had a heap of potato chips for supper which made me feel hypertensive, thus not good 595 (note added 05-04-13) Maybe my body's elevated salinity was responsible for this elevation in voltage
    33 03-09-21, 11:36 Before extensive exercise 415  
    34 03-09-21, 12:53 After exercise 335  
    35 03-09-21, 15:27 After bicycle ride 360  
    36 03-09-21, 18:37 After rest 415  
    37 03-09-22, 09:00 After good sleep & breakfast 460 Had a shot of vinegar
    38 03-09-24, 10:30 After 50 jumping jacks 410  
    39 03-09-24, 12:00 After workout and vinegar 500  
    40 03-09-27, 12:33 After water 525  
    41 03-09-27, 08:45 After breakfast 360  
    42 03-09-27, 09:00 After vinegar and a little exercise 450  
    43 03-09-27, 10:39 After exercise and water 515  
    44 03-09-29, 10:16 After computing, vinegar and water 530  
    45 03-09-29, 12:35 After workout, vinegar and water 560  
    46 03-10-05, 10:34 After vinegar and water 235  
    47 03-10-05, 11:47 After exercise 320  
    48 03-10-05, 11:49 Exercise, vinegar and water 415  
    49 03-10-06, 10:00 After breakfast, vinegar and water 460 I got a good night's sleep
    50 03-10-06, 11:49 After workout, vinegar and water 475  
    51 03-10-06, 15:00 After biking 14 miles 400  
    52 03-10-06, 18:30 After rest, vinegar and water 475  
    53 03-10-09, 11:24 After exercise, before vinegar and water 390  
    54 03-10-09, 11:26 After exercise, after vinegar and water 460  
    55 03-10-12, 12:24 After breakfast, vinegar and water 440  
    56 03-10-12, 13:49 After exercise, before vinegar 380  
    57 03-10-12, 13:50 After exercise, vinegar and water 455  
    58 03-10-14, 15:20 After lunch, before vinegar 350  
    59 03-10-14, 15:22 After lunch and vinegar 460  
    60 03-10-15, 11:00 After breakfast, before vinegar 430 With 6 ion generators around instead of 3
    61 03-10-15, 11:20 After vinegar and 100 jumping jacks 510 "
    62 03-10-15, 12:40 After exercise, vinegar and water 520 "
    63 03-10-18, 16:22 After rest, vinegar and water 475 " (for about a year and a half)
    64 03-10-18, 18:10 After vinegar and hydration 500 I did 32 pull-ups, the most that I've done recently and didn't fatigue as much as normal. I suspect that the electron laden atmosphere I am now breathing has something to do with this desirable result.
    65 03-10-21, 11:20 After breakfast, without vinegar 460  
    66 03-10-21,  13:19 After workout, without vinegar 510 MHOing Multi Mega Multi Minerals while working out
    67 03-10-24, 12:00 After rest, without vinegar 525 The air is dry from radiator heat. That may be the reason for the rise in voltage--no moisture to conduct charge away from the body.
    68 03-10-24, 14:52 After workout without vinegar 525 I think that I have maxed out.
    69 03-10-24, 14:55 After vinegar, hydration, and MHO 525  
    70 03-10-27, 12:40 After lunch, no vinegar 430  
    71 03-10-27, 14:04 After workout 460  
    72 03-10-27, 14:07 After vinegar and water 530  
    73 03-10-30, 14:40 After lunch, without vinegar, after 100 Jumping Jacks 475  
    74 03-10-30, 15:57 After workout, without vinegar 500  
    75 03-10-30, 15:58 After workout, with vinegar 545  
    76 03-11-06, 10:15 After breakfast 405  
    77 03-11-06, 12:00 After workout 405  
    78 03-11-06, 12:01 After vinegar and hydration 480  
    79 03-11-09, 13:34 After lunch, without vinegar 430  
    80 03-11-09, 14:38 After and hour of "Self Analysis"* 465  
    81 03-11-09, 16:30 After exercise 435  
    82 03-11-11, 11:11 After breakfast, running computer 425  
    83 03-11-11, 13:45 While out walking I caught a chill 375 Standing out in 35 degree weather
    84 03-11-13, 12:00 After big rest all morning 490 The night before I slept in a very ionically charged atmosphere
    85 03-11-13, 12:44 After having a hamburger 480 Very slow to rise up to 480 from 370 mv
    86 03-11-13,14:07 After an hour of sitting at computer 460  
    87 03-11-13, 15:08 After and hour of Self Analysis4 495 I held the knife with my hand to get the voltage to read quicker
    88 03-11-13, 16:40 After exercise 447  
    89 03-11-13, 16:45 After vinegar and water 493  
    90 03-11-16, 09:20 After breakfast 475  
    91 03-11-16, 13:35 After lunch, which was after a rest 620 I've been running the HV dome for a day
    92 03-11-16, 14:32 After 1 hour of Self Analysis with High Voltage Dome5 on 500  
    93 03-11-16, 17:00 After exercise 460 35 pull-ups
    94 03-11-16, 17:05 After vinegar and hydration 460  
    95 03-11-22, 19:00 After workout 460 37 pull-ups
    96 03-11-25, 08:20 After breakfast 470  
    97 03-11-25, 10:30 After workout 337 I've been having milk and bananas in oatmeal a lot lately
    98 03-11-25, 10:35 After vinegarization 450  
    99 04-04-29, 13:04 When I first got up from a rest. I have been working on healing the ravages of infections I have.6 220  
    100 05-02-16, 06:35 Measurement taken from mouth to sole of foot 475 I guess that my system is recharged. I don't feel too badly now, like I am coming back.
    101 05-02-18, 07:30 10 minutes after rising from a good night's sleep 592  
    102 05-02-19, 11:15 Been up since 08:30 533 Maybe voltage decreases as muscle use increases. I stand up a lot now.
    103 05-02-23, 14:18 Feeling tired after lunch 335  
    104 05-02-23, 15:08 After stretches 450 Maybe better voltage is due to better circulation
    105 05-04-11, 07:58 Up for a half hour, no food or drink 650 I raked the lawn two days ago in the fresh air and sunshine.
    106 05-04-12, 11:40 Drank tea with honey, SHOWed Octacosanol and Vanadyl Sulfate  630 Yesterday I rode my bicycle about 10 miles.
    107 05-04-14, 07:45 SHOWed Octacosanol and Vanadyl Sulfate, drank one cup of green tea and honey 635  
    108 05-04-14, 13:36 After lunch/breakfast 610  
     109 05-04-15, 08:28 Up for 2 hours computing, had spaghetti for supper last night 480 just ingested honey, tea and SHOW
    110 circa 05-06-04 Well fed, stretchercised and rested 550 quit ingesting honey early in June because ankle swelled up after a few months of doing that
    111 06-03-12, 12:00 Fed, Exercised (moderately) 500 I can shrink my ankle swelling via exercise (a good hour every other day works nicely).

    For a while back  there, about a week I'd say, I was obtaining readings in the 900 plus mili volt range, but I never wrote those readings down. I think that exercise had something to do with the rise though. My highest ever reading was 968 mili volts. I haven't broken a full volt yet, but don't intend to stop trying.  (Top)


  5. Opinions

    I could probably go on and on about this, but my purpose in this is to get you to find out your own information. This I feel will help you find the greater truth about your own condition, thus be better prepared to improve it, if that is what you would like to do.

    About the numbers: I feel that from my experience with the phenomena they represent, there seems to be a direct proportion between the feeling of body strength and the body voltage reading obtained in this manor. Also from experience, I feel that a directly proportional link between weal--the feeling of wellness--and this reading of voltage found in the physical body can be loosely established.

    In my case it seems, by this exact procedure I really feel terrible when my body's voltage reading is below 250 mili volts (one quarter of a volt).

    I don't think that it is as important that you get numbers that look like mine or higher as it is that you maintain consistency in your data obtainment procedure. Through consistent effective procedure you obtain the truest data. The truest data will help you the most to determine the nature of the phenomena that you are attempting to observe.  (Top)
  6. Footnotes
    1. Ion Box: A high voltage ion generator
    2. Knife Electrode: I had just gotten the idea of holding this electrode in my mouth and was working on that adjustment of the procedure around these readings.
    3. Utah Minerals: ConcenTrace Trace Minerals; These minerals seem to me to have as strong a tranquilizing effect as some psychiatrogenicosistric medications that I've experienced.
    4. Self Analysis: Hubbard, L. Ron, Self Analysis--A Simple Self-Help Volume of Tests and Techniques Based on the Discoveries Contained in Dianetics (Los Angeles, Bridge Publications, Inc., second printing 1982).
    5. High Voltage Dome (HVD): This is a funny one. Only try this if you know what you are doing; probably more than me. I don't really know what would happen if you continued it for long. Anyway, the HVD is just a plastic bowl that has holes drilled in it through which electrodes from three small Ion Generators protrude and the bowl is placed on the head with the purpose of assisting hair growth. I tried it. I don't think it works spectacularly. It makes your head feel different. Maybe some day someone will figure out how to use the right form of electricity to accomplish the task, but this form is just too crude for the purpose. 
    6. Infections I Have: Yes, I believe that I contracted three different infections between 2003's summer and 2004's February that I believe are viral in nature, whose attacks I believe were initiated from Third Base in the DREGS for the ultimate purpose of the stabilization of capital among its present possessors. I believe that the viruses are the bio-physical component of a voodoo--the use of potions (poisons) and spells (covert means of conveying intentions) to defeat an enemy (voodoo being the opposite of medicine)--type activity. I believe that there are many people that are the victims of these attacks and that some are willing victims and some aren't. At this point I feel that I could do without the infections, but that is not the way that it is. I also suspect the willing victims of at least incognizance, if not victimism--the activity of becoming a willing victim of a criminal perpetration with the intent of benefiting from that victimization in some way.

      I haven't been a very welcome site for many medical staff since I determined that government money helps me more than psychiatrogenicosistristic treatment. Since about 1990, I would say this has been, so I don't work at trying to get medical people to help me with the infections any more than I can see my get away trail out of their offices. On the budget that I am on, that is not a very visible path.

      They say that they are medical mistakes, but the way those infections hit me, it seems more of a case of voodoo than random selection that gave them to me.

      I believe that the real situation is that voodoo is directly against medicine in a covert way, where medicine is what is ostensibly offered as the solution to a person's physical issues and that the primary difference between these dichotometric entities is that true medics face Home Plate if they believe that they are praying and voodoos face Third Base if honoring their fancied greater power.

      I am not saying whether I think that there are greater powers or not, but rather what these factions seem to be doing regarding them, if they do indeed exist. Your beliefs are what you believe and these are mine. This all that I am saying.  (Top)


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