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Charged Air  Report

This page is unfinished.

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�Charged Air Report / Experiment�

Comparing the Psychological Effects of Breathing Electrically Positively Charged to Breathing Electrically Negatively Charged Air, Including an Experimental Procedure that Can Be Performed to Obtain Data Regarding the Information Appearing Here


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Bio-Electric Experiments: Opening BET Body Voltage Charged Air Report

  1. Page Overview:

    First comes observations of electrically influenced psychological phenomena, then interpretations of that phenomena, then a duplicable experimental procedure that can be used to find out exactly why the so described interpretations have been made, then a rather comprehensive footnote like section has been developed to mainly assist your comprehension of the associated jargon, to help you get more of what I believe to be occurring regarding the phenomena involved.

    The phenomena involved has to do with effects of the pretty steady inhalation of ionically charged air over a period of time�at least 72 hours in the experiment involved.

  2. Disclaimer

    I am not properly prepared to take responsibility for any results that may occur due to anyone's actions in this area other than my own personal actions. This page is here for your personal edification regarding electronic phenomena that has been experienced and is presently duplicable via repeating the associated experimental procedure related here. However, by the posting of the information on this page, the performance of the manufacture and use of jury rigged electronics devises is in no way being promoted, or advocated on the parts of any persons other than myself, by me, the author of this page, as I have been professionally trained and am presently licensed to perform the procedures that are involved in this experiment and can competently work with the electronic devises involved. I am not licensed to normally control anyone else's actions in this area of activity, ergo I hereby choose to refuse to take any responsibility for any mishaps that allegedly occur that are due to mistakes made by any person, or persons who choose to attempt to accomplish the procedures entailed here.

    As I do not wish to be viewed as a person that is careless about placing anyone into hazardous circumstances, I herby state that by the posting of this page it is not my purpose to get anyone to do anything that they are not qualified to do by the appropriate authorities. I strongly recommend that whosoever is qualified to work in the field of synthetic (manmade) electric phenomena to endeavor to do so safely by following proven safe practices. 

    Further, please be advised that this experimentation has produced undesirable mental phenomena. It would be safer if one were in contact with another appropriately trained individual, if/when they decide to attempt to duplicate any of the phenomena that is being discussed on this page.

    I hope that everyone that decides to proceed to attempt to duplicate this experiment's procedure understands this statement.   




  3. Personal Anecdote:

    Because I was working on inexpensive legal ways to feel okay in 2003, I was using and experimenting with the effects of charging2 the air that I was breathing with negative ions. The negative ionization of air is used to purify it by removing small bits of debris in it. This form of air purification works by forcing electrons onto the air via the operation of a high voltage electron emanation circuit. The so emanated electrons attached themselves to particles adrift in the so effected air mass. This serves to place a difference of potential (voltage) from the voltage that is on the so effected air mass's surrounding materials surfaces. Because unlike electrically charged particles share a force of attraction between each other, the surrounding materials' surfaces' particles, left relatively uncharged, compared to negatively charged particles adrift in the air... they draw the so charged particles in the air to their selves. Once the particles come in contact with their surrounding surfaces, other forces also take over that insure that they do not return to the air. Thus, possibly respirator-ally offensive particles previously suspended in the so effected atmosphere are pulled from out of that air mass to the surfaces around the negatively6 ionizing88 air purifier, leaving the air that it effects as clean as can be.

    I was running one of these generators, experiencing the nice effect of breathing clean, negatively charged air and life was alright. Then I burned out a transformer wire in the unit that I had purchased by accidentally shorting it's electrode (in this case a kind of antenna whose manufacture is explained in the procedure section of the associated experiment) to ground accidentally once too often and the little gizmo ceased to function. I got a gentleman from the company that I purchased the item from to send me another transformer for free. But I think that what happened is that I wound up doing the same thing again somehow, so I thought that it wouldn't be right to ask the company for yet another transformer. Something like that happened, anyway. What the result was, was that I wound up without a functional negative ion generator and I, being the naturally frugal individual that I am, did not want to use any money to purchase another one.

    I thought to myself, 'If these generators work by producing between 6,000 to 8,000 volts of electricity to do their job, why don't I just pull the High Voltage lead (wire) out of the picture tube113 of an old B&W TV and let the TV run like that? I will derive the required difference of potential (voltage) that way, thus continue to cleanse my air while I figure out what to do about getting another unit.' But what I didn't think of at the time was the fact that the way that a picture tube works is that high positive voltage is applied to its screen to draw the negatively charged36 electrons14 to it from the electron gun of the tube. What is important to understand is that the high voltage that is applied to the screen of a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube; The type of TV picture tube that I am talking about here) is positive, rather than negative in nature.

    I pulled the back off of B&W TV and removed the HV cable from the picture tube and secured it in a safe, open position, so that the charge formed by its running that way wouldn't be an issue, meaning that I made sure that the so manufactured charge had no way to short back to ground when the set was turned back on. 

HIGH VOLTAGE WARNING NOTE: High Voltage can be very dangerous. When it is charged, a picture tube can be thought of as a bucket full of High Voltage. Even when a TV set is off, its picture tube retains its charge (remains somewhat full of positive electric charge) for some period of time. If, while it is still charged, you place your body in a picture tube's discharge pathbetween where the HV lead hooks into the back of the picture tube and anywhere that has less positive electricity in it that can conduct that charge out of you�your body could be severely damaged by the ensuing large flow of electrons through it, if not even be killed.

Highly Recommended Resolution: Either know what you are doing with High Voltage and TVs and use all of the safety procedures that are involved, or find out what you need to know to stay safe while working with the phenomena from a qualified source of such information and make sure that you do that, or even better yet even, get a qualified electronics technician to do what you would like to have occur for you.

I got the jury rigged, "Positive Ion Generator (PIG)," going, without taking into consideration the fact that it would drag negatrons (technical name for electrons) out of the air. I ran the so manufactured PIG continually while I continued to work on this Web site and accomplished the support activities that I needed to to achieve that purposeeat, sleep, etc.

At this time I can't recall what particular subject I became involved with, but towards the end of three days of breathing  the air effected by my PIG, I experienced similar symptoms that I remember having experienced when I had lost my abilities to function mentally well from the late 1975 through the 80s, all the way to 1998 when I got my brain to work well again using the Minerals Held Orally (MHO) treatment, backed by the Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise & Nutrition (SHEEN) modality. What I experienced with the Positive Ion Generator (PIG) running seems to me to be the symptoms of the manic phase of bipolar disorder, psychologically speaking. Since it came on so suddenly I was not disoriented enough to not be able to figure out that there was something wrong. What follows is a detailed account of what I believe to have happened.

I was emailing some people. I was trying to explain something that seemed very important to me at the time. I can't remember what the issue was right now. While I was writing I kept thinking that what I was writing was so very lucid and articulate and that I was getting a very large point across via that e-mail's manufacture. I would think of some aspect of what I was trying to say and develop a line of reasoning concerning it and get to a point that I felt that if I could just get to say one little bit more about that aspect of the subject, then what I was attempting to say would be perfect and I could send the email and all would be well and even much better than before I got to send it. But what happened is that just when I almost got to complete a whole thought, another aspect of the phenomenon that I was attempting to explain would pop into my head and demand to be placed in the work that I was writing, which was not to be a very long item at all, originally anyway. It wound up that every time that I almost completed my idea, to finish it properly required that I explain yet another seemingly itsy bitsy piece of ideation that invariably blossomed into a mini-subject in itself which then required manicuring and editing and forming and more and more attention and energy to control to get on the page correct, until finally, the radio was playing this blaring gaudy jazz, which is usually pretty mellow, "Hearts In Space," type stuff (from WAMC in Albany) late at night, as it was about 2 or 3 in the morning and my hair was all greasy as was my face. I was kind of sweaty, irritated and tired, but at the same time I felt inspired and driven. I guess, "Driven," describes my state at that point the best.

As I said, the radio seemed to be shooting this very obnoxious dissonant jazz music at me. My potential readers seemed to be demanding that I write just a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more, until I felt like I had to quit before I blew up, or something. If it had been the old days, maybe I would have just gotten side tracked onto another equally ineffectual activity, or maybe if I were really involved, wind up taking the computer, or the radio apart, or doing something equally disjointed until I was back on the ward again doing the Thorzine shuffle with the rest of the troops on the medication line. This time though my brain had been just previously fully charged for years with the complement of ions that doing the ATM-MHO/SHEEN had afforded it. IMO, that is one of the more important contributing factors to my possession of the requisite sanity I needed to figure out just what was going on to induce my then present mental imbalance.

The way that I saw it at the time was that things were getting whacky again, just like the old days when I was: going off my rails, slipping my disco, falling out of my tree, going off my rocker, loosing it, starting to fish with out a hook again, loose those few bricks that make up a full load, to quote a few of the myriad statements concerning the witnessing of the actions of a person that is experiencing technical difficulties mentally. 'Why was this happening again?' I was wondering. What changed? My hair was greasy. I had slept but a few hours in the past couple of days. I seemed to be bent on reaching some seemingly easily attainable, yet unfailingly elusive goal and the radio was burning a hole in my brain with obnoxious gaudy laser neon jazz it was belching into my ears (figuratively speaking). I looked around and everything looked stark, hard, like there was no softness, like something was either material or it was nothing... totally vacant space. My body felt like I had just gotten out of the car on a long trip to somewhere that I had been wanting to go to very much for a long time, but the place that I was in wasn't that place. Incorporeal I was raring to go, with no destination at all in mind, but physically I was somewhat worn out. What the condition was like was that I was like a rat on a tread mill with the cheese held just ahead of me, out of my reach. I would run and run, but never get to the cheese, but I could smell it like it was in the center of my head. I also got to feeling like everybody was abusing me, like the song Janis Joplin sang, "...seems like everybody in this whole world's running wild, Down on meeee, Down on mee yea."  I mean bad... it was getting down right retrobutional out in my enthrall (incorporeal) environment. So I was feeling persecuted, you could say, also and I was having a problem dealing with that feeling.

I thought, "What could it be? What could it be that has come on so abruptly that is making me feel the way that I used to back in the days when I lost mental control? What was different now from the way it was when I was doing alright just a couple of days ago." I can tell where I am mentally from how my belongings are placed. The more stuff that is out of place without a reason for being misplaced means the more imbalanced my mental metabolism is, generally speaking. Things looked pretty out of place to me at that point. "What was the difference in what I was doing," I mused. Then it hit me like grabbing a bear wire on a lamp chord that happened to be plugged in at the time. I had been running the B&W TV with the high voltage cable loose. I was working PIG. I was pumping positive ions into the air that I was breathing for the past three days, not negative ones! I even slept within 8 feet of the PIG while it was pulling all of the negatrons that it could out of the air that I was breathing. Up to that point I hadn't really considered what it meant actually to be running a PIG like that. I had never herd any caution about the particular phenomenon concerned throughout all of my year and a half of formal electronics training or short career running a 150 kilowatt commercial TV transmitter legally full time for a year and a half, nor in any other part of my 50 plus years, of life experience for that matter. I herd no stories or anecdotes about anyone suffering any problematic phenomena due to breathing negatronically depleted air, so I hadn't, to that point, taken into consideration that that is what was producing the effects that were causing me to mentally decompensate (revert to a previously deteriorated condition).

Then I started thinking about what was actually happening, with the radio still blaring out its rude noise. Quickly I went through the theory of charging a picture tube screen. It was charged positively, meaning that all of the electrons that could be, up to the required amount, were pulled off of it via the operation of the high voltage circuit via the high voltage cable which I had effectively attached to the air supply that I was inhaling. What I was doing by running the PIG that I had let loose into the air that I was breathing was to suck many of the less firmly attached electrons out of it, leaving that air negatronically depleted and thus protonically enriched, relatively speaking. [I am using the term negatron specifically here so that you know that I mean: those items which you are told spin around the outside of the nucleus of an atom to complete that atom's composition in a free state (not acted upon by any other forces) and not just any electronic phenomena associated with those subatomic particles via use of the more general term, electronically, which tends to have associated with its meaning positive as well as negative electronic phenomena.]

That isn't quite exactly what I was thinking at the time though. The idea that I was working on was that negatrons, being more active than protons arrived in the future before them. I got this idea from considering the idea that I herd that stated that the faster an object moved the less time it experienced. This means to me that the more active an object is, the more at the end of the time component it exists, so the less it is effected by time. To me, it's like the slower something is, the more it is the effect of the phenomena that occurs and the faster that an object is the less of an effect of that same phenomena that object is, because it continually exists prior to the occurrence of the phenomena. It's like you can never suffer any damage from the bullet that can only get to where you had already been and gone, only the bullet that winds up where you exactly are. I was thinking that when I was breathing the more highly mobile objects (the negatrons), I was in effect pushing my body towards the front of the moment of existence in which all events occur in what I am presently considering to be the electro-physical fracti-verse (The fractional part of the whole entire universe that can be experienced via the sensory apparatus of an electro-physically interactive body (what is normally viewed as an object that contains life)]. Even via assistive sensory equipment composed of the building blocks (formations of atomic structure that are presently familiar to Earth's scientists) that compose the materials that the electro-physical fracti-verse, which again IMO is only a part of the entire space/time continuum that frames the whole entire totally infinite (seemingly redundant and conflictive terms combined to aid description) universe, can parts other than those that inhabit the electro-physical fracti-verse be perceived. I was working on the idea that photons were the leading edge in time of this living moment and that gravitons brought up the trailing edge of it and that electric charge centered activity between those two phenomenons and bio-physical activity, as we inhabitants of the electro physical fractiverse perceive it, oriented itself around the the manipulation of that balance of electric charge. I was thinking that all of that interaction on a more or less material plane is controlled by the mechanics that centers life, as we know it, between photons and gravitons with respect to time at the point known as electrical ground potential, which for living entities as we have come to observe them usually is referenced were the number of negatrons are equal to the number of protons. Light, pushing out the front, electricity pulling towards the middle, with gravity holding back the rear, that's the way material cosmology opens the window of the electro physical fractiverse in which evolved organisms can be used to interact in--its living moment IMO. I thought that if something had more negatrons in it, it would be a little bit ahead in time than the more protonically based object. What I thought that I was doing by running my, "Generator Injecting Negatrons (GIN)," was to pull my body into the future ever so slightly, but enough to obtain a perspective that was less material, thus less cluttered, thus freer than the perspective that was normally experienced. However, because I was doing the exact opposite of that by running my PIG, I was subjecting myself to a more cluttered, material, denser, less energetic, more constricted, less free perspective on the electro-physical fracti-verse than is normally experienced and the drag of it was throwing me for a loop, psychically. That is what was twirling around in my head at the time, anyway.

You know how you can think uncommonly fast when the situation calls for it? Well the computations that took the past several paragraphs to explain took place in about one minute on this occasion. Within the next few seconds which seemed endless to me, with a gasping lunge at the plug, I snatched it out of the socket through which it obtaining power to keep the PIG pumping negatrons out of my reach.

The next minute's worth of activity was truly astounding to experience. Immediately after pulling the PIG's plug I experienced a great relief, like an extremely coiled up spring that was used to compress something that I was intimately related to was released and the constricting element dispersed, evaporating on the spot, leaving me in a highly relaxed state. But here's the really strange part... really strange part. My friend, Dennis has said to me something to the effect that, "The truth is stranger than fiction, because you can't refute the truth." IMO, you should acknowledge its existence. Maybe someone else can refute what I am going to relate here, but I, myself can neither figure out any exact explanation for it, nor can I say that what I actually perceived as happening did not indeed occur. A description of that phenomenon follows.

The noise that had, just prior to the point of the PIG's power's termination, seemed to be emanating from a radio receiver that had seemed to have somehow gotten tuned in into a channel that was broadcasting a live concert from Satin's living room. At the instant that the plug was out of its socket the sonic phenomena suddenly did an artistic polar reversal that I have never before nor since experienced in any medium, this one happening to be music. The music flip flopped mid-song within a few bars from what had turned into excruciating abominable bombardments of harsh dissonance, to this smooth flowing, cool, refreshing, even exhilarating catchy tunery that wafted my sole back up to where it had previously been perched prior to the commencement of the PIG's consumption of the negatrons that I would normally have been breathing. It was like an elevator floor that had fallen out had reformed and was being used to accelerate me back up to the surface of the living sane world from the pit that I had inadvertently fallen into by powering up the PIG.  

What I can't get about the phenomena regarding the music's tone is its causality, how the chicken/egg relationship rolled. I turned off the PIG and the music lightened up as it was being played from a source of input that was being re-transmitted from 12 miles away that was originating from the playing of a recording of the art work on a machine that was located 75 miles away from where I was running the PIG. The experience was so strange because it was like a whole different band of players had taken over the instruments that were nicer or had a better attitude or something, not just that the same players were playing differently. The alteration of artistic features of the sonic phenomena involved was extremely drastic to me.

What happened next was at least equally interesting. I have neglected to tell you what was going on with my normally working TV throughout this period until now, but let me tell you about this too. As the time that I had been running the PIG proceeded, the people on the TV seemed to be picking on me more and more. Worse than that, they seemed to have clout; like to me, it was levered out to make me feel that I was supposed to agree with what they were saying. It seemed to be a feeling that that I couldn't defend myself against very well. The people on the TV seemed to know personal things about me, which doesn't usually bother me, but they all seemed to be inflicting a, to me, very sever, judgment upon; I mean like on the order of damning my soul level of severity. I mean that previously normally nice people, people that I had respect for seemed to, at that time, be ganging up on me to blame all of the woes of the world on me in particular. That phenomenon was getting so bad that I totally turned off the TV most of the time, turning it back on for only short bursts of time to sample it to figure out if it was a mood thing with them (the TV personalities), it was me (my imagination gone haywire again), or what it could be. It seemed like they had a file of all of my regrets in life and were throwing them all at me like at one of those arcade games where you knock the guy down into the water by hitting a target by hitting it with a ball. They were really bothering me.

Ok, so after I pulled the PIG's plug, I turned on the working TV again and weird as everything, everybody was mild mannered and just as nice as chewing taffy on the boardwalk at the beach. Nobody was the devils that they were not five minutes before, all tormenting me into a pretty frenzied condition.

That is really strange isn't it? If you don't believe me you can have an electronics technician make the equipment to do the experiment and derive your own data. If anyone goes through with the procedure, I would be very interested in hearing the results that they obtained from living with a PIG sucking the negatrons out of their air supply for a couple of days.

I am not actually trying to get anyone to actually do the experiment here. I feel that that decision should be made by the appropriate parties. However, I am saying that I have determined for myself, by direct experience, that breathing protonically laden (electrically positively charged) air is detrimental to one's (that particular one being myself) psychological state, where sanity would be considered to be the optimal psychological condition.

  1. Experiment Overview:

    "Intention, desire, will, urge," these words relate to the phenomenon11 that impels, induces, or causes (a word that L. Ron Hubbard uses a good deal) phenomena to occur.

    The most primary action is the inducement of the existence of a phenomenon, or phenomena (Philip's own idea). "Intention," is involved with this action.

    There is a connection between that entity which desires, wants, or intends a physical phenomenon11 to occur and phenomena that, through the actions of its initiator, winds up in existence. Part of that link has electric13 and magnetic properties.

    If this electro/magnetic link is rendered dysfunctional the intender will not establish the existence of the phenomena that the intender intends to exist.

    What effects this link? What can be done to improve the strength of this link? What damages this link? What can be done to fortify against damage to this link? These are questions that research in the field of Bio-electric / Electro-physical Health attempt to answer.

    This particular experiment attempts to derive information regarding the psychological state of a person operating their living human body under two different conditions: 1) while breathing electrically negatively charged air and 2) while breathing electrically positively charged air.
  2. Some Theory Involved:

    I totally admit that I can't vouch for the accuracy of my theories regarding the phenomena. What I am saying about the electro physical fractiverse and that the living moment of that entity is connected via electric charge between photonic and gravitonic phenomena orienting an alignment of temporal phenomena that explains how something that is highly active is less the effect of aging (the process of experiencing time) than less active phenomena, could be valid. This information appears in the Personal Anecdote section. However, I haven't yet figured out how to do much about the situation, even if it is true, except for what I am saying about how you can take advantage of the so interpreted features of existence on this page and Web site.
  3. Purpose of Experiment: 
    1. Compare the psychological effects of breathing relatively negatronically (electrically negatively charged) air to the psychological effects of breathing relatively protonically laden (electrically positively charged) laden air to determine which one is more assistive and which is more detrimental to one's mental processing.
    2. To gain data to form a more complete Knowledge Base regarding the relationship between psychological and electronic phenomena in order to be better prepared to improve the condition of the hardware (the brain, as opposed to the mind--the software) of individuals' mental machinery.  (Top)


  4. Materials:
    1. A room. The room that was used for the experiment written about here is 12 feet by 12 feet by 8 feet high.
    2. A supply of regular, 120 Volt alternating house current, wall outlet type, electricity.
    3. A simple negative ion generator. This could set you back up to 100 dollars to get a prefabricated model from an electronics outlet, but if you are not totally poverty stricken, the investment is worth it, due to the benefits that are derived from running it, IMO, as I am still running one of the ones that I have purchased for that price. The one I used is
    4. A positive ion generator. The one that I used I made out of a old television with a yet functioning high voltage section, but I completed formal study in electronics and worked in it, professionally for over a year. The wrong mistake could cost a whole life. If anyone decides to proceed with the procedure, I very strongly recommend that they are sure that the person that performs the required electronic work is qualified to do so.
    5. Items needed for making an antenna to place onto the high voltage cable to distribute the charge more efficiently into the air. This item is not totally necessary, but it helps.
      1. Electrical tape
      2. Very light gauge wire. The high E string on a guitar is just thin enough if you cut the ends diagonally to form a point.
      3. One 8 penny to 10 penny size steel nail.
      4. Solder.
    6. Tools:
      1. A nut driver with appropriate socket for removing the back of a B&W TV.
      2. Wire cutters.
      3. Soldering iron.


  5. Procedure:
    1. Connect and run a negative ion generator in a room that you can remain in for a few days to experience the effects of breathing electrically negatively charged air.
    2. Note all relevant phenomena.
    3. Get a positive ion generator working and run it.

    4. Note all relevant phenomena.  (Top)

  6. Data:  

    The information that I obtained from my own personal experience with this experimental procedure has been pretty much covered in the Personal Anecdote section.  

    Basically having my body breath electrically negatively charged air helps me feel a little better and having my physical body breath electrically positively charged air drives me crazy, I mean literally crazy, insane, nuts, bonkers, hoo hoo ha ha, etc.

  7. Opinions: 

    Since it is presently 2006's March and I believe that what had occurred in my personal anecdote occurred in 2003, I have had enough time to consider some of what I believe to be ramifications of the knowledge that I've obtained for myself via this experinece.

    I can't say that what I have experienced will happen to even one other person, but from what I feel that I experienced via this endeavor, the following is what I think is true.

    You've probably herd the word, "Imbalance," used a lot... named as the cause of erratic behavior in a human. In fact you've probably herd it said more than once something like, "...so and so has a mental imbalance," when no one can figure the reasons for that that particular individual's actions out. What if the human brain only functions well within a certain proton to negatron ratio inside of it? What if the electrical balance of the brain is its primary criteria for optimal function? 

    The substances that the brain is composed of are made up of chemicals that are composed of compounds, which are made up of elements. What if the goal of the stack of programs that the brain uses to maintain itself is the acquisition of an optimal proton to negatron ratio, I mean on a simpler level of consciousness than the one that we, our brain's proprietors, attempt to achieve via their use of that vital organ?

    Computers, which are a type of a brain, have two main different types of programs. The programs that we use to accomplish a job with a computer are called application programs. The computer programs that computers, themselves use to manage their own systems (all of the parts computers need to function) are called utility programs. To me, there exists the distinct possibility that if one, or more of the mind-brain's*human's own personal mental metabolization machine's�utility programs require a high enough level of negatrons to work and it, or they don't have that required amount, the mind-brain could simply cease to be able to execute programs, no matter whether those programs are utility or application programs. To the degree of the malfunction of its utility programs, the brain could be organically damaged. In the case of the malfunction of its application programs, its proprietor's sanity could be questioned.  

    Combining ideas about the effects that I've experienced doing what happened in the Charged Air Report / Experiment with what I've herd said and have read about how chemical imbalance allegedly effects the function of the mind-brain*, I've derived the idea, for myself, that, though there can be strictly electrical reasons for mind-brain's* application programs' malfunctions, biological mechanisms can also exist that control that electrical balance and those biological causes can possibly induce chemical factors that disrupt that electrical balance between protons and negatrons in the brain. I've found out for myself previously that the state of one's SHEEN controls these chemical factors the best.
  8. Proposal for Further Experimentation: (Click here)

  9. Footnotes:
    * The mind is like the software and the brain is like the hardware of the human computer.

    Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise & Nutrition�whose adequate proper pursuit of and balance of activities concerned serve to optimize its user's biophysical functions, which can have a beneficial effect on that individuals psychological condition, according to my own experience.

    GIN�     Generator Injecting Negatrons

    PIG     Positive Ion Generator

I wanted to build a glossary here, but economic circumstances have temporarily delayed this action. However, now there is possibly even a better solution to the comprehension dilemma regarding the study of any really involved subject posted on the Word Bridge & Blueprint page. Please visit there, as you may be able to enhance your study, and thus comprehension, abilities by so doing.

Last Edited on & at: 2011-04-21 22:13 EUST
2005-2007�Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights somewhat controlled. This material may be copied, or transmitted as long as any source information that is included with it, it meaning any part of the composition of this material that is transmitted or copied for any reason, is retained with with it and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial compensation is sought or derived for such action.