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Could it be that the reason that chronic illness prevention has not been much on the mind of the reasoning public is because, up until this point in history, people have not generally had access to reliable information about brain function, maintenance and perpetuation?

People have pretty much yet to be told that when the bodies' mineral content is increased its ionic content increases, thus its voltage, thus it's electric power, which has a great deal to do with its brain's functional level, so they don't know. Consequently, they become aware, through their lives, that they increasingly run the risk of suffering the debilitating effects of chronic neurological impairment as their bodies' functionality drops (get old).

Because of an awareness of the phenomenon of decreasing brain output via the aging process some people may intentionally neglect and abuse the maintenance of their other vital systems and organs to the point that those systems' and organs' malfunctions result in the total termination of all of their physical bodies' life functions prior to the demise of the function of their brains.

These people may figure that at least at the point of death it will no longer matter to them that their brain does not work, because, in death, they figure, no more harm may come to them through their body. It's not a winning strategic consideration, but they might figure that they will have won the battle of wills that sometimes play out throughout their lives if they end those lives prior to the manifestation of any neurological malfunction.

People's reasoning involving the sacrifice of their biological lives, so that they can retain their ability to think totally throughout their self inflicted abridged version of them may seem a bit inverted. However, upon examination of the evidence, in many cases it could be difficult to refute the allegation that people's hopes of the maintenance of lucidity until their body's death drives them to actions that induce the termination of the function of either one, or many of their bodies' organs, thus the termination of their lives.

Q) Could this logic be used to explain why some people:    

                                            A) smoke too much, or
                                            B) or drink too much, or
                                            C) neglect and abuse their physical bodies in general, or
                                            D) do not try to exercise, or
                                            E) too often take dangerous and unnecessary risks?

A) One can assign a 50/50 probability to any two valued possibility. In this case, one could think that the people concerned either behave accordingly, or not, making two possibilities. Thus, the probability that people that do these acts are doing them for this reason could be thought of as being 50%. 

So, what does this cause of death statistic look like? Significant? Possibly more than one might think. What else would explain intentional toxic substance consumption? Here's my email, or the bioelectric discussion post page. Please, inform me, or us, if you've the mind to. 

Its possible that while people are still rational, they see the effects of Alzheimer's, or what other debilitating chronic neurological illnesses do to their victims and how those victims get treated by other members of society and the medical profession.

Because of what they witness, they may come to the simple conclusion that what happens to those people is definitely NOT what they want to allow to happen to them.

They might figure that by keeping their own bodies' subordinate vital organs healthy they may run the risk of getting ushered on to a psych ward at some point in their lives, there to be treated more like the mere pets of the still thinking people than the humans that they presently are. To think is to be human. When people loose that qualifying trait they run the risk of being treated as less than such.

Because they go through life witnessing what happens to people whose brains malfunction and compare that to how they see other people treated whose other organs malfunction, they may decide that what happens to people that wind up with physical difficulties is better than what happens to people that acquire mental issues.

A person, to one extent or another, might elect to neglect or abuse their bodies' vital systems and organs other than their neurological system, specifically to avoid the possibility of acquiring any age related neurologically debilitating illness/es.

That same logic could explain some of the reasoning behind the decision to indulge in recreational drug use in that when the uninitiated see what happens to people that develop neurological disorders without having the information that they need to enable them to more assuredly avoid a similar fate, they could figure that there is little reason to not enjoy all of the alleged pleasures that are available to them while they can yet enjoy them even though those activities may even be against the law.

Finally, when one or more of a person's body's subordinate systems and/or organs seriously malfunctions, they usually go to, "The Doctor." The mechanics of doctors are that they relay the teachings of the programs that they have been indoctrinated in, that make a living for them out of the bad events that occur to human bodies, to the people that possess bodily malfunctions that come to them for help to improve their bodies' conditions.

A good part of what doctors wind up relating is focused on keeping from upsetting the ideas that people have about their own mental stability, so that they remain confident in what the doctors are saying and doing to them, so that whatever the doctors have been programmed to do to obtain funding, does indeed occur and what no small part of that programming entails are the factors involved with the pay that many many people derive.

A coin toss would be an accurate way to predict whether the doctor or patient was benefited more from the delivery of the medical service�the 50/50 split.

Even though they are in the act of committing at least third degree suicide, and thus avoid being turned into human pets; when the doctors see organ sacrificers, the doctors know at least that what works for the doctors is to do what they were told to do by their medical school instructors.

The doctors courses were set up by individuals that had a more developed idea of what to do with sick people than they did when they signed up for those courses and what that was, was how to live, themselves, while trying to keep others alive that wanted to stay alive, not to merely help everybody get healthier and forget about their own selves' conditions.

Because the people that wanted to help others thought that helping others was so important, they wound up spending maybe too much time at it and wound up with no other ways of supporting themselves than to charge for their services.

Paying for medical services started in Greece with chickens, an extremely medicinal food by the way, but at this time costs much much more than one chicken when and only if the healing is successful, as the payment schedule began in Greece.

The schools that developed the subject took care of making sure that the members of the medical profession were compensated so that they would in turn be compensated by formulating the curriculum to include how to derive compensation for healing and the development of that process has led to the situation that we have to day; seemingly excessive costs for seemingly inadequate healings.

If it were to be pointed out that now there is a way that is available to people to help them keep their brains working well for the duration of their lives that they could learn to do themselves without too much ado, many of them might try to find out how. After all that is what they were attempting to do by acting out their personally abusive behavior, which did help them make matters they way they wanted them for some period of time, at least in their own eyes, but also came with the price tag of curtailing their lives lengths.

The application of effective neurological function improvement technology, where possible, with maintenance might serve to slow down the flow of traffic into the hospitals, because the number of people getting sick would decrease. That would decrease the demand for medical products over all, thus help to curb health care costs.

The dispersal and use of the knowledge of how to attain neurological system and  brain function improvement and maintenance would raise the effective action level of people, which would be good, because when people are more effectively active they accomplish more, and more actions accomplished means more products, which means a greater supply of goods and services, which lowers prices, and all of that makes people more willing to spend the money that they have and an increase in people's willingness to spend money is what the economists refer to as, "Stimulating the economy," which is good for business. Ergo, the widespread use of information that helps people improve and maintain their neurological systems', including their brains', functions would not only prove to be a boost to the health of people, in general, but be a boon to the economy as well.

Possibly, the geological region with the most people that find out about brain maintenance through the effective assimilation of mineral supplements will dominate world politics, because that region will be the one where people wind up with the fewest personal problems such as the one described in this essay, so the people of that geological region might remain freer to help other people with their problems and become their champions and heroes. Thus, they could possibly help upgrade the rest of the planet's peoples' mindsets (no-longer valid beliefs that are perpetuated due to the loss of will to view the present circumstances as they truly exist) to the more applicable ideation to those contemporary circumstances.

The fact that people don't believe that doctors have the answers, because the doctors, themselves, profess this shortcoming, especially where neurological activity is concerned, could be viewed as being evidenced by people's willingness to accept, as readily as they do, the alleged facts that doctors relate to them regarding their bodies' mortality. However, the facts that: A) People many times have accumulated money that they can no longer control at the point that they usually stop animating their physical bodies well and B) members of the medical profession are many times stationed in positions of trust around those people just prior to and at that point, just may work together to make the medical profession look to be a very lucrative one to prospective employees that were more financially than medicinally goal oriented.

As the bodily functions of an individual decrease, the amount of effort and resources needed to help keep them alive rises.

The decision may be made around a conference table, as opposed to an operating table, but there exists a point at which it may be deemed necessary to adjudicate whether it is yet economically feasible to augmentatively support an ill person's life. At this point, orders to keep that individual alive, by the efforts of paid individuals, may be terminated. Then, no-longer assisted, that individual either gets better, or they don't. Many times life now comes to a close this way. Should yours or your friends' end this way?

With the ATM MHO/SHEEN BET I have been able to improve and maintain the continued function of my brain at an improved level. I mean that I like they way that it works for me now, not that it's going to go out and crush any and all of the other brains on the chess board or anything like that, but being able to think better does help me get along with others better, I have found.

If a person holds their ability to think as their most valuable ability, it seems to me that if they use the ATM MHO/SHEEN BET they would no longer have to sacrifice the functions of other portions of their anatomy, in order to maintain this trait's superiority all of the way through their life, by resorting to means that would shorten that life's time.

The ATM MHO/SHEEN BET is a format that individuals can use to customize their own therapeutic program, to not only stabilize the chemistry of their neurological system and thus brain, but to also improve the function of their bodies' other systems and organs as well.  

You may be able to call to mind someone who is now using, or someone from your past that has employed, an organically sacrificial strategy, in order to retain their lucidity until the termination of their human life. At this time, you, yourself, may possibly be entertaining at least passively sacrificial thought patterns, in order to avoid the possibility of living out some of your years as a neurological invalid. To be able to retain lucidity until the very end of life, wouldn't it be better to increase your brain's durability than to decrease your body's other organs' ability to function?

To help yourself in the long run, maybe you could start making your own ATM MHO/SHEEN BET right now. All you should do is study about it all, procure the required substances and live on.

If and when you make your ATM MHO/SHEEN BET work for you, you may find that you like getting healthy again and you may be a bit happier, because by that point you might acquire a new assurance that you can continue on living, thus stop worrying as much about whether you are going to forget what you are doing at some point and then have your will get taken over.

In case you try it out and find something still not working for you, there is an email page that you can use to contact the author through, in order to work on what is happening that could be preventing you from experiencing the many truly wondrous health benefits that they have experienced by making their ATM MHO/SHEEN BET to improve and maintain their own condition. 

Here's hoping that you get to live a healthier, happier, longer life by making your own ATM MHO/SHEEN BET


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