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The root of this issue is that people have bad experiences via undergoing purported psychiatric treatment which is not Psychiatric, but rather "Psychiatrogenicosistric*," in nature.

*Mental + healing + generating + sickness;  A word that describes what happens when, what could be succinctly labeled as the posterior effects of purported bio-psychiatric treatments, in their turn, precipitate any other biophysical disorders.

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Medical Section:

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The Tardif dyskinesia�involuntary body motion�that manifests in patients taking thorzine is a symptom of �Psychiatrogenicosistric� treatment. The odd actions of their bodies associated with tardive dyskinesia may distract psychiatrogenicosis victims from ideation that could be described as psychotic, schizophrenic, or manic, and, yes, the distraction that Tardif dyskinesia introduces does serve to keep some patients from trying to over use their brains when their brains don�t have enough ions in them to work properly, but, no, Tardif dyskinesia does not solve the problem of getting the ions back into those brains that those brains need to function sufficiently to yield acceptable answers for the patients whose possessions they are. Tardif dyskinesia is a symptom of a dysfunctional nervous system, so the treatment of psychiatric disorders via the administration of agents that produce it is, �Psychiatrogenicosistric," in nature.

The term, �Psychiatrogenicosistry,� could be used to describe what is currently going on in the alleged, �Psychiatric,� industry via the advent of the use of, �Atypical Anti-psychotic,� drugs in that atypical anti-psychotic drug use is linked to large weight gains and the manifestation of diabetes symptoms in the patients that those agents are being prescribed to. Since their administration induces the sickness called diabetes, treatment via their use is, "Psychiatrogenicosistric,� in nature.

To see how the root of the term applies in everyday life, you could say that a bartender that is selling vodka to a cirrhosis victim is a, �Psychiatrogenicosistrist (applicator of the treatment)� and the cirrhosis sufferer is a, �Psychiatrogenicosisist (believer in the treatment),� because the cirrhosis sufferer believes that they, their self, won't suffer from any mental problems, because their steady ingestion of alcohol will kill them prior to neurological malfunction.

Another example of, �Psychiatrogenicosistry (causing a physical problem to someone that is believed to be thinking incorrectly, so that they stop thinking that way),� in life is like if you banged someone�s toe with a hammer to keep them from worrying about their job, because you didn�t want them to do that. In this example you would be both a, �Psychiatroenicosisist,� and a, Psychiatrogenicosistrist,� provided you did both: (A) Believed in what you were doing and (B) Were successful at distracting your subject from worrying about their job. Of course if you actually tried applying this alleged treatment to someone, you would be running the risk of their total unawareness of your intentions and resent your actions deeply, or at least believe that you were somewhat psychologically unsound for performing it on them, unless you could come up with a good excuse for your action. Involuntary psychiatrogenicosistry recipients tend to be of this mind when they have enough awareness left to know that their bodies are being harmed by the, �Psychiatrogenicosistic ,� treatments that are being applied to them.

Once this concept is comprehended, the root neologism, �Psychiatrogenicosis,� can be used to convey what should not occur in psychiatric settings and/or in life in general.

This page's ultimate note is that feeding brains ions via the slow, steady introduction of the proper multi-mineral supplements to the bodies containing them via having those bodies continually, "Orally Hold Minerals [OHM (a unite of electrical resistance and a mantra)]," is not, �Psych-iatro-geni-cosisic (Mental + healing + generating + sickness),� but rather, �Psych-iatro-gen-iatric (mental + healing + generating + healing),� in nature, thus should be used to augment psychiatrogenicosistrically oriented treatments until the use of those presently accepted treatments can be discontinued by the subjects that have had them prescribed to them, that is of course if the true intent of the treatments' applicators is to improve their client's functional capacity.

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