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When the cells of the physical body attempt to rid their environment�their physical body�of toxins present among them, via forcing their body to perspire while it is asleep, which is the way they flush their bath water out, in effect... they wind up throwing out their useable bioelectric particles (minerals) along with the particles that are hazardous to their existence (toxins).

Loosing many bioelectric particles from where they are supposed to be in the physical body yields myriad undesirable results.

It seems like there is no way to avoid loosing bioelectric content via night sweats. However, the issue can be resolved via adequately replenishing the body's lost bioelectric content.

 A more thorough treatment of the various aspects of the phenomenon of bioelectric particle depletion in physical bodies is presented on the Electro-Dystrophy page.

There are different ways to replenish a physical body's bioelectric content. The way that I've personally found to be most effective, efficient and economical is to do what is posted on the Introduction to MHO page and on the pages of the MHO/SHEEN Therapy section of this Web site.

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