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 The Relationship of Iontophoresis (static cling in liquids) to the Condition of Teeth 

If one continuously holds solid forms of Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin D supplements in contact with their teeth, those teeth will get electroplated with the minerals involved and thus become very durable. That is providing one's oral hygiene is adequate enough to remove material that might inhibit those substances' proper chemical bonding to the surfaces of the teeth.

As evidence of how strong teeth can get, let me tell you that I can grind up turkey drumsticks with my teeth now, when in the 1990s after extracting one of my molars, my dentist told me with an air of confidence that he was going to take all of my teeth out. My teeth were in bad shape then, but that was the last time I ever had to return to a dentist and I have all of my remaining 26 natural adult teeth set firmly in my jaws today. They are in much better condition now, than they were in back then too. [Update--2013 July: I lost two more teeth, since first writing this page in 2007, but the rest (24) are still doing well.]

Question: In the following picture, can you see evidence that supports the theory that naturally manufactured electricity, among other factors, is a force that holds teeth together?


I don't think that anyone but some dentists will figure this out, because there are too many missing pieces of information. My theory of the phenomena involved includes the following information:

  1. You will probably notice that the mouth's right top front tooth is discolored. According to the author of one of the three tooth care books that appear in this Web site's bibliography, this discoloration is caused when a tooth's blood vessels are damaged. The blood vessels were damaged when the owner of said tooth jumped off of a playground slide, back in 1962, when he was ten years old and that tooth conked into his knee.

  2. You can see that that discolored tooth's cutting edge is much more ragged than the other nine teeth that you can see in the mouth. Here's what you don't know. That particular tooth got chipped that way from from being used to gnaw multi-mineral supplements and Vitamin D tablets (circa 2000), to make a paste out of them, to be pushed in between that mouth's upper molars, to thicken the enamel at those locations.

  3. You can notice that the other nine teeth in the picture all have much smoother cutting edges, comparably and

  4. You didn't know that the discolored tooth was not chipped in this way prior to grinding up the tablets. However, it wasn't. The chipping occurred from chopping up mineral tablets between the upper and lower front teeth.

What all of those facts add up to, to me, is this. The reason that that tooth is chipped the way it is, while the others are not, I believe is because it's enamel is softer, more brittle. Why is it so? I theorize that it is this way because of nerve damage that occurred because the slide injury in 1962, which also damaged that tooth's blood vessels.

In one of the tooth care books whose titles I have included in this site's Bibliography, the author states something to the effect that brown discoloration (such as my right front tooth is exhibiting in the picture) is due to the presence of dead blood cells, which occurs when a tooth's blood vessels are damaged. 

Why is nerve damage significant? Because possibly, in this case the case of teeth, their nerves do more than just tell you that they are in need of repair. They deliver the electric phenomena needed for your teeth to attract and bond minerals to them that arrive in your mouth via your saliva.        

Through this Website, an effort is made to to develop an understanding of pertinent principles about electricity by relating the concepts of electricity to concepts that are contained in more general knowledge bases. The information posted here can help a person re-examine verifiable information, which in turn can help them obtain a better understanding of the important role that electricity has to play in biological life and via the practical information presented here, enable them to resolve as many of their physical issues as they can using this technical subject, so they can help their selves gain greater self reliance regarding the improvement and maintenance of their body's physical condition. 

Please consider the following idea. What we know as Electricity is the phenomenon that connects the phenomenon that we know as Gravitation, to the phenomenon that we know as Radiation. If Electricity didn't exist to somehow hold these other two phenomenons somewhat together, either of these other two would take either of their subordinate phenomenons, those that we know as Matter and Energy respectively, toward their separate ends. Thus, what we presently perceive to be physical phenomena, up to and including all of the physical phenomena that comprise the physical universe, would divide up into two parts, one part being comprised of that collection of phenomena which was gravitationally oriented, which would collapse infinitely forever into nowhere... and the other made up of energetic phenomena, which would expand infinitely forever in all directions, because there was nothing (without electricity connecting it to mattergravitational phenomena) to keep it from doing so. Like Electricity is the chain from the shipEnergyto it's anchorGravity. Without its chain the ship drifts away, while its anchor falls to the bottom.  It is the way it is and not the way it's not, though, to our benefits, if we have physical bodies that we'd like to keep working for us.

A main point here is that, either part (matter, or energy) without the other would prove to be useless to all entities that require bodies that require properties of both phenomenons to exist in the same spatial frame of reference simultaneously in order to function. Thus, devoid of the presence of other unobserved, but useful factors, it would be safe to state that without the phenomenon that we know as electricity, biological existence, life as we know it, would be impossible.

As you think that idea over, I hope you start to wonder about what state your whole bioelectric system is in and what you could do to improve and maintain it.

Please learn and use the information that you can make work for you that you find here. I say make work for you, because I've found out for myself that when I don't endeavor to somehow purposefully make something work for me, it most of the time does not do so.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you found out how to improve the condition of your physical body's bioelectric system and I wish the best of luck to you in all of your efforts.

I hope that you stay well.

For questions, or comments, please access the contact page.

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