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Abusive Substances

That one is misusing a particular consumable quantity, such as a drug, such as alcohol, or not, is merely a matter of opinion, ultimately. That one is fully intending to destroy the functional capacity of their biophysical component via their use of a material that will accomplish that end is primarily a matter of that person's desire to abuse their own biophysical substance and subordinately choose the substance that they could use to accomplish that end. That a person is willing do do themselves in is a more important aspect of the case than how they choose to do themselves in.

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Medical Section:

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If you wanted to have someone's general condition improve who is either neglecting, or actively destroying the ability of their own collection cells to function, you would more necessarily and more pertinently be required to work at eradicating the factors that were inducing them to continue on such a course of action while working at installing factors that would enable and inspire them to develop a conducive (to their own benefit) course of action, than to only work to limit the material damage of their biophysically auto-destructive efforts.

The agent that the substance abuser uses to abuse the substances of their body is more the abusive, than the abused phenomenon.

Maybe the use of the term, "Personal Biophysical Abuse Via (fill in the blank with the abusive substances of expertise) Over Use Councilors," would convey a greater understanding of the problem in the minds of the Abusers/Abused, thus possibly help them eradicate their self destructive mindset a bit more successfully right at their point of contact with the professional Abusive Agent Over Use Staff.

The configuration of substances that make up the biophysical substance configuration abuser's body are the substances that the substance abuser is either cognitively, or unwittingly targeting when they over use abusive agents.

The self abuser via substance over consumption may be a person who believes that their will would be taken over and they will come to harm if their brain stopped working, so they work either passively or actively to destroy the real means through which their imagination could be accessed and taken over. They may be trying to accomplish this end via sacrificing an organ or organs of their body until they have sacrificed their whole body in an effort to keep their will from being dominated by anyone that they do not want to gain control over them.

It could be that having fun at burning bridges seems like a possibility of what substance abuse�abusing the substances of the personal biological unit�is all about. If this is so, it is too bad for the arsonists, because the bridges that they destroy wind up to be their own bridges to the physically living universe and there is a way for them to keep their wills strong enough to remain free from domination by undesirable sources while they are alive. I am not saying that they will or won't become dominated if they should die, merely that I am not venturing to say what will happen to their wills if they should no-longer be able to keep their biological component functioning for them, However, it seems to me that it makes sense to work to perpetuate optimal brain function rather than to curtail the function of one's subordinate organs.

One way that I was able to boost the control that I have over my intentionmy ability to focus, if you willis by doing what I am saying in the MHO/SHEEN section of this Web site.